Romily rd N4

Romily rd N4

This was a complete renovation project that allowed us to exercise our skills and knowledge, whilst transforming a 3-storey property.


Embracing both contemporary and traditional design elements, this project focused on creating open living spaces that flowed effortlessly from room to room, within the property. From the living room and hallway through to kitchen, a consistent, modern look was achieved throughout.


With the aim of injecting light, space and character into each room, this project involved incorporating as many natural sources of light into the property as possible, which was achieved through the addition of a skylight and wall-to-wall patio doors in the kitchen area.


The all-white walls and addition of scratted modern spotlights, also add yet another dimension to the open-plan feel of the property, whilst the addition of an exposed brickwork wall in the spacious kitchen creates an attractive focal point, dramatically changing the look and feel of the room.


We also completed a loft conversion as part of this project.

April 29, 2015